Book 2 Review

Subject: Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II Author: Prince Abraham Harun Reviewed by: Mary Ann Maglangit Date: Sunday, June 8, 2014  21:30:52 Direct Link: Romance-Erotica After the storming success of book 1, author Prince Abraham Harun consequently released book 2 of Scarlet’s Continue reading


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Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part IV

The sexy, addictive conclusion to Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part IV, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion  Scarlett has allowed herself to dream of a new future with her true love Harun. He is everything that she has ever wanted in a man Continue reading

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part III

The sexy, addictive conclusion to Scarlett’s and Harun’s love story, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion Scarlett’s husband, Sebastian, is treating her much differently all of sudden and she is certain that it has something to do with her secret affair with Continue reading

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion  When Scarlett and Harun meet for the first time, it is clear to each of them that this is different from anything either of them has ever experienced. The more Continue reading

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part I

Scarlett’s Secret Lover, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion After being wrongly imprisoned for 15 years, Harun has done his time and is more than ready to move on and make something of the rest of his life. He doesn’t really Continue reading