Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part II

Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part IIForbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion  When Scarlett and Harun meet for the first time, it is clear to each of them that this is different from anything either of them has ever experienced. The more they are around each other the stronger the attraction is between them. It seems that it is inevitable that they will eventually give into their desire and act on it.

Once that line is crossed, there is no holding back. Scarlett and Harun take many chances just to be together as the need is just too great to ignore. They know that they are taking some huge risks by sneaking around, but it is impossible to deny their attraction. They may as well have been asked not to breathe.

Scarlett is so happy in spite of the possible danger of being discovered that her beauty is amplified to all who see her. This includes her own husband, who ordinarily rarely notices her. However, at breakfast the morning after she and Harun have been together, Sebastian takes a second hard look at her and tells her that something is different about her. Then, he tells her that he is leaving on a business trip to Venice for the week.

Scarlett’s heart sings at the news because it means that she and Harun can be together without quite as much worry of being caught. However, her husband’s next words cause her stomach to plummet as he tells her that he wants her to accompany him on his next business trip. She knows that her heart will not allow her to leave Harun for any long amount of time. But how will she get out of this? On top of that, Sebastian has suddenly decided to pay more attention to his neglected wife.

Is it possible that he suspects something and is just toying with her? Scarlett knows that if Sebastian discovers her secret affair with Harun that there will be extreme consequences. She must do whatever is necessary to protect both herself and Harun from this ever present danger.

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