Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part III

cover part three

The sexy, addictive conclusion to Scarlett’s and Harun’s love story, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion Scarlett’s husband, Sebastian, is treating her much differently all of sudden and she is certain that it has something to do with her secret affair with Harun. After setting up a rather odd and surprising dinner the night before he is to leave on a week long business trip to Venice, he shocks Scarlett by informing her that he will be coming to her room that night. She is dismayed at the news, but manages to successfully convince Sebastian that she would like nothing more than to spend some quality time with her husband.

Scarlett feigns interest and passion through the most miserable night of her life, praying that Sebastian will soon leave and return to his bedroom suite. However, he surprises her even further by announcing that he will be spending the entire night with his beautiful wife. There was a time when Scarlett would have been ecstatic that her husband wanted to be with her but she had learned too many things about this man over time.  Plus, she has discovered what love truly is with Harun. Now, he is the one and only man that she wanted.

After a long and sleepless night alongside her husband, Scarlett cannot wait to be with Harun again. They spend a lust filled and happy afternoon together during which Scarlett shares a secret surprise with Harun before reluctantly leaving him and returning to the mansion. Still smiling as she enters the front entrance to the house, she finds a surprise of her own. Her best friend Jenna is waiting for her.

Jenna also notices the change in Scarlett and says so. Then demands to know what is bringing so much beauty and happiness into Scarlett’s life. Scarlett shares the news of her secret affair with Harun. Jenna is not only thrilled for her friend that she has found someone so special, but she vows to help the two of them in any way that she can.

But will helping Scarlett also put Jenna in danger?

After all, Sebastian is powerful enough to be a threat to them all.

Please note: This book is intended for 18+ due to dirty talk, light Anal /oral sex, and lots of sexy scenes.

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