Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part IV

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The sexy, addictive conclusion to Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part IV, Forbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion 

Scarlett has allowed herself to dream of a new future with her true love Harun. He is everything that she has ever wanted in a man and she has no intention of letting him go. Even though she is married to the very rich and powerful Sebastian Gamble, her life with him has never been happy. However, she has accepted her lot in life and given up on ever being happy.

When she and Harun lock eyes for the first time, it is clear to them both that this is something far deeper than a mere physical attraction. Yes, those desires are there in full force and they have no choice except to give into them. But there is so much more between them. Soon, it is clear that they are completely, truly, irrevocably in love with each other.

At first, they realize that they can only have stolen moments together and have no real hope for a future. As their love grows deeper, however, they start to yearn for those things that they had formerly accepted would be denied to them. Sebastian Gamble is not a man to be played with. They both know that they would be in grave danger if he were to ever discover their affair. Yet, the more time that they spend together the more they realize that they cannot stand it if they can never have that future they both dream of.

Scarlett makes a daring decision that will offer her and Harun the future that they want as long as it works. Sebastian must never find out what she has done or it will be the end of them and their hope for a happy life together. She sets the plan in motion, hoping and praying for the best.

There is one thing that Scarlett has overlooked, though.Sebastian has eyes and ears everywhere.

Please note: This book is intended for 18+ due to dirty talk, light Anal /oral sex, and lots of sexy scenes.


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