Scarlett’s Secret Lover Part I

Scarlett’s Secret LoverForbidden Love Lust And Dangerous Passion After being wrongly imprisoned for 15 years, Harun has done his time and is more than ready to move on and make something of the rest of his life. He doesn’t really have any concrete plans beyond getting a job and finding a place to live, but he knows he will land on his feet. He is standing just outside the prison gates, enjoying the sensation of the sun on his face, when a limousine pulls up. The driver gets out of the vehicle and approaches him.

Warily, Harun watches as the man gets closer to him and is ready to defend himself if necessary. However, when the man reaches him, he introduces himself as Andrew, the driver for Sebastian Gamble, a very wealthy and powerful business man. Andrew has been sent to collect Harun and take him to the Gamble mansion. Harun is understandably puzzled over this, but decides to go along since he has nothing else to do at the moment.

The surprises continue to come as Sebastian offers Harun a job as head caretaker of the estate. The job comes with a salary as well as a cottage located on the grounds and is an offer Harun cannot refuse. It is during the meeting between the two men when Sebastian’s wife, Scarlett, enters the room. She is a very beautiful woman, which Harun cannot help but notice. Their eyes connect and the heat between them is instantaneous, although it isn’t clear to each other.

Scarlett has been neglected by her husband for many years and is ripe for someone like Harun. This handsome, muscular man quickly becomes the object of her fantasies. Sebastian is a ruthless man but Scarlett may be willing to risk his wrath if it means that she can be with Harun.

Will they take a chance on losing everything to be together?

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